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Threshold, is a  Hallmark brand that made quality stereo equipment for over 20 years.  Founded by Nelson Pass the company made equipment from 1975-1996.  Threshold Corp. still exists in Texas, although with new staff and management.  Many have said that new equipment still does not compare to the equipment made by the original Threshold.

Take heart that most components can be restored to original configurations with modern parts. Browse through the  Threshold Archives to have a look at some of the products manufactured throughout the History of Threshold.  Also be sure to browse the newest web sites dedicated to the brand.  (Now I don't need to re-invent the wheel)  Below in the links section is a site from France called Threshold Lovers with a pretty good history of the newer equipment made in the 1990s.  The early history can be found on the Hi-Fi Museumweb site. Many thanks to all the Threshold fans, I think the French site has the best name to describe the fan club...  Be sure to view the SA 4 re-conditioned in France.  What's not to love about this equipment!

If you are interested in reading some reviews please refer to this review of an S 500.
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Also, be sure to visit Audio Review, DIY Audio, and the many other sites that have reviews of these products.
I have been particularly impressed with the performance out of a modified Stasis II.  With all the right parts, this amp can hold its own against much newer and expensive units.  By replacing the power supply wire, the output transistors, installing new main capacitors, Blackgate capacitors and upgraded IXYS rectifier diodes, this amp will sound better then ever and can be reliable for 20 more years.

      Being dedicated to the experience of high quality sound I am always looking for interesting ways to demonstrate the importance of good amplification. I have always found Nelson Pass has the ability to cover all the bases in his many articles.  Power Supply  for Consumers article is highly recommended for anyone with an amplifier that weighs less than 50 lbs.

But what is the essence of good music?  and why is it important for enjoyment and good feeling?.  The audiophile experience is driven by the search for art in the music rather than the science.  For more information on the importance of good audio playback equipment please read Quality of Music at the Mark Anstendig Institute web site.  IPOD and MP3 players have there place in a busy life, but cannot award us with the same experience as listening to playback with big speakers driven by Class A amplifiers.

    Contact Vintage Amp Repair to find out more information about how your amp can be upgraded or modified.  Vintage Amp Repair offers the highest quality repair service available for your Threshold equipment.


Very often I am asked: What will the resulting improvement be?  The anwer is complex as speakers designs, however, In general the bass is tighter and more difined.  The highs are smoother and less edgy or grainy sounding.  Inner detail and nuances in the recording are more audible.

One owner had the following to say after getting his upgraded amp back from Vintage Amp Repair:

"I want to thank you for the work you did on my amp.  I have never heard such deep and powerful bass coming out of my Vandersteen Model 1.  The highs that I thought where open and clear are now truly open and clean.  One example of this new clarity is, one of the hosts to a radio program I listen to seemed to often have a "SSSSSS" sound on her words that end in a "S" sound.  But now it's no longer there, just open air space between the words.   Also I noted that when the music gets complex with overlapping voices, I now can follow individual voices and understand what they are singing.  I had SET amp before and I do remember the midrange beauty of that amp, but it quickly lost that sound when asked to play at levels anything above back ground level (60 dB).  And that amp had weak bass and the highs where quite soft.  For those reasons, that lead me to originally purchase the Forte.
Thank you once again for the work you did on my amp.  I could not be happier."

Before you pack up your loved one for a Rebuild or Upgrade, please refer to the packing guide below to insure we reduce freight damage claims.  Its really no fun to go through the claims process.
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